About The Auglaize Valley Unit #136

   Our Auglaize Valley of Ohio would like to welcome you to our web site. Our Unit #136 is located in the northwestern part of Ohio between Toledo and Wapakoneta Ohio. We are a part of the Region IV along with the units from Michigan and West Virginia.

   The best part of owning an Airstream is belonging to a WBCCI club where you get to know other people with the same interests, and we would like to get to know you.

   Our unit was formed in 1973 and is named for the Auglaize River that runs through the area. The Toledo Unit merged with our unit in 2006.

   We would love to have you visit us at our rallies and luncheons that we have during the year.

   Our Contact Person is Sid Kelly. Please email Sid for more information about the Auglaize Valley OH Unit.  sibekelly@aol.com or contact the following website: http://wbcci.org/join/club-info/membership-info/membership-info